Your Urban Retreat 
in Barcelona

28th of April 2024

One day of self-care and connection with our unique blend of breath work, yoga, mindset boost workshop, creamy coffees and a delicious brunch. Dive into relaxation by the pool, groove to the beats of our DJ, and connect with a community of truly exceptional individuals.


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Your 3-step agenda to transform into YURself

Step 1


Breathwork Session

Liberate your mind and soul from the baggage accumulated over the past months and rediscover the joy of being yourself, infused with a touch of peace and freedom.

Enjoy this game changing experience with our well-known Breathwork Coach Francisco Dominguez.


Coffee Time

Hit the pause button and savor a moment of pure pleasure 

Step 2


The Art of Boldness (Workshop)

Breaking the cycle of small results to achieve major and rapid transformation.

We understand that you're not the type to sit around doing nothing. You're used to putting in the work, yet the changes you're seeking — whether it's personal growth, financial success, or business development — seem to be taking forever.

So, together with our Coach Erik Eklund, who has many years of experience helping well-known companies and individuals in this field, we've designed a workshop specifically for you.

Step 3


Power to Yin Yoga

Embrace your authentic self and unite with your vision. Immerse yourself in this transformative journey guided by our experienced Yoga Teacher, Lena Gomes, to cultivate confidence and clarity. Experience a sense of wholeness, lightness, and inner calm as you reconnect with your true essence.


Brunch, DJ & Pool Time

Unwind and connect while savoring mouthwatering dishes like eggs benedict, pancakes, and waffles, then take a refreshing dip in a dazzling blue pool

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to take a much-needed day off to be YURself.